2019 Garden Railway Convention Newsletter

August 28, 2018

The purpose of this newsletter is to help you through the process of registering for the convention.

When you signed up for our newsletter, it assigned you a logon (your e-mail address) and a random password. That password was e-mailed to you via secure e-mail; and you may change it anytime you desire.

To register for the convention, you will need to log onto our website with your password during registration. If you don't know your password, you will need to click on the "Forgot password" button, and an e-mail will be sent to you allowing you to enter a new password. You can then reset your password using the link in the e-mail. Use your e-mail and password to register for the convention.

We found out today that the DoubleTree hotel will not have our rooms reserved for our convention at convention rates until the latter part of September. So to be sure you get the discount rates, we are delaying opening hotel reservations until September 30, 2018. At that time you can either call the hotel or reserve online.

Bill Derville

Convention Chairman

Registration Procedure

It is a good idea to print this e-mail so you can follow the steps on your computer without looking back at the screen with this e-mail.

To register:

  1. Click on the "Registration" menu item.

  2. Click on the "Attendee" sub-menu item.

  3. Within the page that is presented, click on either "Individual" or "Family" depending on whether you are coming by yourself, or have family members attending the convention with you.

  4. If you haven't yet logged in:

    1. The screen "Please login to continue" will be displayed. You log in using the same method you used to set up your account to receive newsletters and e-mails like this. That would be with Facebook, Google, or the specific e-mail address you provided when setting up your account.

      If you don't remember your password:

      1. Click on "Forgot Password" and you will receive an e-mail with your password. You can change your password after you receive the e-mail by following the instructions in the e-mail.

      2. Reset your password and confirm it.

      3. Return to "Registration" - "Attendee" - "Family" or "Individual"

    2. Enter your e-mail and password. Click "Log in".

  5. If this is the first time you have logged in after setting up your account, the "2019 NGRC Rules and Terms" page appears. Read and click on the "I agree" button. Click "Continue".

  6. The Registration page will be displayed. Click "Register" at the bottom of the page.

  7. The next page tells you if you are registering Family or Individual and fills in your e-mail. Click "Next".

  8. Fill out the registration form. If you are registering as a family, and you have more than 4 members in your family attending the convention, please contact the Registrar via e-mail after you have registered to add their names. The Registrar e-mail address is 2019ngrcregistrar@rcgrs.com.

  9. After making all the selections you want, click "Next".

  10. The "Review and Confirm" screen will be presented. Click on "Pay online" to pay with a credit card. Fill out your credit card information. A picture will come up and you will need to verify you are not a robot. (We know you aren't a robot, but that is software we can't change.) Click the "Pay $xxx.xx (USD)" button (the "$xxx.xx" will be the total amount due and to be charged to your credit card).

  11. A recap of what you have paid for is the next screen. If you want to make any changes in your registration, or to cancel your registration, please contact our Registrar via this e-mail address: 2019ngrcregistrar@rcgrs.com. If you want a return phone call, please include your phone number in your e-mail.

  12. You will receive an e-mail confirmation detailing what you have ordered. Please bring this with you to the convention. It will make things go smoother when you arrive and pick up your Convention Bag at the Registration Desk.

  13. If you do not wish to pay by credit card, Click "Invoice me" instead of "Pay now".

  14. The invoice of all items ordered will appear. You will get an e-mail with this invoice. Please print the e-mail and mail with your check. Events are not reserved for you until payment is received. We will notify you if an event which you have ordered is full.

    Make checks payable to:
    NGRC 2019

    Mail check and invoice to:
    NGRC 2019
    17520 South Holly Lane
    Oregon City, OR 97045

We hope this newsletter will help you through the potentially confusing registration process. You can always contact us at 2019ngrcinfo@rcgrs.com if you are having trouble.